[thelist] Serious antispam measures

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Sat Apr 17 07:57:03 CDT 2004

After a second thought:

> A solution (albeit laborous one) would be to every day accept only mails 
> adressed to: yyyymmdd at yourdomain.com

This really wouldn't work perfectly, if somebody had a spam bot worm on 
their machine checking sent mails too. And it's just too complicated anyway.

> Easier solution would be to require something in the subject or body of 
> the email - senders email address would be good: john at hisdomain.com must 
> include 'john at hisdomain.com' in the subject line. Or give your friends 
> each a password that they must have in the first line of the message 
> body. This is actually very good option, as it can be used even without 
> your own domain name.

This on the other hand is simple and effective - and you could bounce 
rejected mails with the instructions (people wouldn't have to use any 
web forms either).


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