[thelist] Serious antispam measures (was: Is this real?)

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Sat Apr 17 11:43:14 CDT 2004

> It sounds to me like you've got way smarter friends sending you email than I
> do. *G* Many of the people I regularly receive email from would never figure
> all that out. But then my spam problems are still within tolerable levels
> (if only just barely some days). 

Oh no, I don't use these myself, my friends would never figure all that 
out :-)

Then again, I receive less than half a dozen spam mails weekly... (and 
that is before I set Thunderbird's (what a wonderful email client btw) 
spam control on...) (And yes, I do consider myself extraordinary lucky.)

Yes, the date-email-address hardly is viable. But if I told my friends, 
that to get email through to me they have to write the email address 
they are using on the first line of their message, they wouldn't have 
problems (your friends probably neither). And that is easy to check with 
any filters.


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