[thelist] ASP Problems

Robert Teasdale robert.teasdale33 at ntlworld.com
Sun Apr 18 08:21:28 CDT 2004


Thanks for the positive reply.
As a relative newbie to web design I am reading a lot of different authors
on the use of FP but none mention this problem, which concerns me. I
followed the set up as per the FP book and have constructed this page at
least 2-3 times but no change?
I hope it is not the Host Server but attached  is the code for checkout,
confirmation, or highlight of error.

Thank you

Best Regards

Web Site @ www.birdsmart.co.uk
for view of page in use.

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> I think main problem is that you are using Frontpage :-) rather than ASP
> se.
> But, if you post the relevant bits of code we can examine them.
> Cheers
> Ken
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> From: "Robert Teasdale" <robert.teasdale33 at ntlworld.com>
> Subject: [thelist] ASP Problems
> : I am looking for help on understanding what is wrong
> : with my Forms construction on my web site.
> : I am using Frontpage 2002 to construct my Forms
> : (.asp) to obtain data from Access database imported
> : into web. I keep getting error message 'no records found'
> : when I can see them in .mdb file.
> :
> : I am also using FP Forms for clients to load their Club
> : information on web for others to view. This Form is
> : storing the data OK but query not finding the same
> : information?
> :
> : The hosting company says it has all the FP extensions
> : in place on their Server and that it is probably my script,
> : but need expert to confirm if script Ok or not.
> :
> : Assistance appreciated.
> : Thank you
> : Rob
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