[thelist] Convincing the client to change hosts

Seyon evolt at delime.com
Sun Apr 18 11:44:00 CDT 2004

Message from alex beston (4/18/2004 04:59 PM)
>hi List
>I have a client who is adamant that he is staying with the BT hosting.
>I had a look at whats on offer with BT's hosting and i was amazed there
>was no spec list just an faq of what to do if you want such and such.
>there was no php. database, webalizer and any thing that allowed for
>some flexibility. they seem to be used to people wanting to change hosts
>because they have this whole form thing for doing just that which
>suggest they have a high customer uptake and loss.

Hey Alex,

Why do you want him to change hosts? Is there a specific feature that his 
site needs that isn't available? Or a feature you would like to implement 
that you currently can't due to the limitations?

And are you asking him to move somewhere cheaper, more expensive, or 
comparably priced? All those are factors you need to look at.

>How do i go about convincing him its worth the trouble of changing hosts?

Document specifics of what is wrong with the current host and how it is 
affecting his site. Show how moving to another host will solve these 
problems. If it's a more expensive move, justify how it will be worth the 
additional money.

>If i cant, do i change clients (!?!)

That's always an option. ;-)


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