[thelist] shipping rate calculator (was hijacked from Re: bash, read from several files)

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Sun Apr 18 13:48:49 CDT 2004

Walter Hemingway wrote:

>  Please HELP!!!


1) don't hijack threads -- compose a new message with a relevant
    subject line.

2) trim your posts when replying.

> I need an ecommerce solution. I am working on a site and my client needs a
> calculator that will give state to state shipping rates by Zip Code.
> Possibly configured to work with Paypal. I have looked at UPS and I don't
> think that they have what I need ( I could be wrong, but I won't get an
> answer from them until Monday). Any shopping cart solutions or apps would be
> appreciated. The actual site is complete except for the shipping calculator
> for the shopping cart. PLEASE HELP!!!

Uh, "shipping" isn't a generic term. Your client needs to decide who
they're going to use. If it's UPS, you'll have to use the UPS rate
calculator API. It's (last I tried) inaccurate and poorly supported,
but it's there. Start at:


Good luck.
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