[thelist] Re: thelist Digest, Vol 14, Issue 36

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 18 17:31:19 CDT 2004

Sounds tiring for the scant quantity of legit email I get. And what 
about my poor mother? I have found the subject line route to work 
pretty well, and it didn't have to be that complex.

It's gotta be costing businesses and taxpayers a fortune.

On Saturday, April 17, 2004, at 04:08 AM, 
thelist-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:
>>> if you must give your address to Microsoft, give 
>>> 'microsoft at yourdomain.com'
>>> if you post to mailing list called 'foo', do it with address 
>>> 'foo at yourdomain.com'
>>> ...etc...
>> Only problem with theses sorts of things is if someone has put your 
>> good email in their address book, your email is pretty much up for 
>> grabs. All it takes is a virus. Or even less. I get the most spam 
>> from an email address I have never exposed and that is only a few 
>> months old. Putting it in the From field was enough.
> Damn, you're right...
> Well, if the problem gets this serious, then there is a need for 
> serious measures. You could always quit using email altogether, but I 
> don't find this as a solution, but resignment.
> A solution (albeit laborous one) would be to every day accept only 
> mails adressed to:
> yyyymmdd at yourdomain.com, where yyyymmdd is the current date (and maybe 
> accept also the previous and next dates too, because of time zone 
> differences).
> If you still get spam, the you can require the date to be followed by 
> accepted name: you have a friend called John, and today he must use 
> address 20040417john at yourdomain.com.
> Easier solution would be to require something in the subject or body 
> of the email - senders email address would be good: john at hisdomain.com 
> must include 'john at hisdomain.com' in the subject line. Or give your 
> friends each a password that they must have in the first line of the 
> message body. This is actually very good option, as it can be used 
> even without your own domain name.
> How do these sound to you?
> .kasimir

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