[thelist] Serious antispam measures

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Tue Apr 20 08:51:47 CDT 2004

> <quote>
> Given that more spams originate from certain countries than others, I
> wonder what would happen if total bandwidth capacity of each country is
> choked by percentage of spam in outgoing e-mail. For example, if
> Korea's bandwidth capacity is X and 70% of e-mail originating from
> Korea is spam, then Korea's bandwidth is limited to 30% of X.
> </quote>

What would happen is that completely innocent Korean internet users 
would be punished. I think that punishing a group of people for 
something that a member of the group has done is very, very bad thing.

Analogy: I don't approve what George W. is doing, but even less I would 
approve if each and every American citizen was punished for his actions 
by the international community.

So I'm very glad this approach is not technically possible.


George W. is used here only to illustrate my point. Whether he is doing 
right or wrong things is not the point, and should not be discussed here 
- I just wanted to pick a well know politician :-)

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