[thelist] Media Question

David Siedband david at calteg.org
Tue Apr 20 14:31:55 CDT 2004

Try to find another place in the video where the person is making the 
same sound or word and splice it in.

On Apr 16, 2004, at 7:56 AM, Rob Smith wrote:

> I have a 150 seconds of video on a Mini DV from a Canon Optura 20. 
> Somehow
> on second 24 of this recording the digital capture managed to record a
> "bleep" sound and a slight hiccup in the screen capture.
> Reshoot is not an option so I am asked to fix the video. I might.. just
> might be able to hide the sound for the split second with digital 
> volume
> control in the movie. Unfortunately the video'd person is speaking at 
> this
> point...
> Any ideas on how to fix the screen capture hiccup?
> Rob Smith

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