[thelist] Very strange error with XHTML color form fields changing to yellow instead of blue in IE

Christopher Joseph christopher at ideadesigners.com
Wed Apr 21 03:07:13 CDT 2004

Google toolbar form auto-complete or similar...

Jonathan wrote:

> http://dev01.a.firebright.com/
> Ah, web standards again.  Any xhtml experts out there have any idea why
> including my form attribute turns my nice blue background inputs into yellow
> ones?  I'm sure its, shall we say, user error.  But alas, this "1uz3r" can't
> seem to figure out what the heck he did wrong.
> I'm, to say the least, completely miffed on this one.  Save me from three
> *more* hours of senseless torment!
> I'm XP Pro, 512, on IE 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633 128-bit Update
> versions: SP1; Q837009L Q832894; Q831167;
> So there. ;-)
> This problem doesn't seem to be happening on any other browser, including on
> my linux desktop.
> Help a lost sole as he forays into the land of web standards.  I'm lost!
> LOST!  Please, help me! ;-)
> Well, I thought I'd have some fun with it at least. ;}  Anyone out there
> know why this could be happening?  Remove the <form fixes the problem, which
> seems wrong to me...
> Your fan,
> Jonathan

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