[thelist] Very strange error with XHTML color form fields changing to yellow instead of blue in IE

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Wed Apr 21 03:15:58 CDT 2004

At 08:44 on Wednesday, 21 Apr 2004, Jonathan wrote:

> http://dev01.a.firebright.com/
> Ah, web standards again.  Any xhtml experts out there have any idea why
> including my form attribute turns my nice blue background inputs into  
> yellow
> ones?  I'm sure its, shall we say, user error.  But alas, this "1uz3r"  
> can't
> seem to figure out what the heck he did wrong.

did you install the google toolbar?

if so that will be turning yellow any form boxes it thinks it can fill in.

turn off the option to automatically highlight fields that AutoFill can
fill (in Google toolbar options) and all will be well.



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