[thelist] Mozilla Hover Effect (on dual display)

Adriano Castro ad at netvisao.pt
Wed Apr 21 11:32:49 CDT 2004

Some of you may already be familiar with Mozilla's dual display bug (1)(2)
others might not so I believe it's a good idea to post this on the list.

When you are using dual display and have the browser open on the secondary
screen Mozilla won't perform the hover effect correctly. It's just as
simple as that but it's the kind of thing that might drive you crazy and
make you rewrite your code over and over again.

What happens is when you hover your mouse over a link (a:hover or even the
onMouseOver handler) it will only engage the effect for a split second
then returning to its 'normal' condition.

It has also been identified as only being triggered when the secondary
screen is virtually located to the left of the primary screen.


1. http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=135074
2. I found other entries when on my first search but can't seem to be able
to get them at the moment. Most were listed on the Mozilla's Bugzilla.


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