[thelist] request for assistance on XP Home setup...

Dan McCullough dmccullough at garnethill.com
Wed Apr 21 12:51:08 CDT 2004

Give the kids separate user names and set yourself up as Admin.
You can lock it down that way.

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Do you have "Windows Policy Manager" as an option on XPHome? Policy
Manager on win98 can be used to lock down the local system. You might
try searching the MS site for PM if you cant find it on your
installation disks.

I don't know about white lists.... You might inadvertently block
something the kids will need, and if that happens when you are not
available it creates all the more incentive for poking around.

Good luck. You need it.

Mike Hopkins
Father of a Scholar-
-and now she's an
Honors Graduate!

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From: "jsWalter" <jsWalter at torres.ws>

> So, I have 3 boys and they are itching to "cruise the
net". They have net
> access at school and are used to looking for info on the
net for school
> assignments.
> So, I would like to set up the machine for them to do
that. But...
> Security is an issue. As in their ability to make *any*
changes to the OS,
> install apps, poke around in the OS and apps directory,
> I would also like to remove their ability to "see" any
drives, whatsoever.

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