[thelist] Serving from another server

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Apr 22 04:02:10 CDT 2004

Seem that you want both a reverse proxy, and a URLRewriter.

You can certainly have an ASP script that does a HTTP GET (or whatever) to
the remote server, and formats the result for display.


From: "Jeroen Coumans" <jeroen at jeroencoumans.nl>
Subject: [thelist] Serving from another server

: I have an Apache server on which I've configured a PhpWiki,
: which I now want to make available through another server.
: The other server is
: IIS/ASP based. I want the following model:
: 1. server A (LAMP): http://server1/wiki/
: 2. server B (IIS): http://server2/wiki/
: server B gets requests and asks server A for the page. server A has
: URL's like:
: http://server1/wiki/index.php/HomePage
: which I want to map to:
: http://server2/wiki/HomePage
: Can I achieve this functionality through the use of an ASP script? Thanks,

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