[thelist] Re: [css-d] semantic urls and separators do_this.or.do.that ?

Tonico Strasser tonico at hotpop.com
Sat Apr 24 13:53:09 CDT 2004

Scott Blanchard schrieb:
> My team is currently looking at how our CMS produces links and urls. 
> Since the upcoming release will be championing web standards as a 
> virtue, we are committed to producing hackable, practical, usable URLS, 
> instead of the current default.aspx?id=x format.
> One question has emerged however, that I would like to pose. For pages 
> whose names contain more than one word such as "About Us" for example, 
> has there emerged an accepted standard for url concatenating?

GoogleGuy Confirms that Underscores are not Word Separators


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