[thelist] reselling

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Mon Apr 26 01:58:23 CDT 2004

> I am currently thinking about setting up a reselling account so I can 
> provide hosting services to my clients, as well as host all my sites in 
> one place.
> For those designers currently doing this: is it more trouble than it's 
> worth? is it any trouble?

One point that I'd like to emphasize: consider your resources.

If you have technical abilities, and enough time to administer your own 
server, then going for a dedicated server could be very good idea. As 
others have said, it provides a nice little stream of income. But if you 
don't have those resources (skills and time), then hosting your clients 
on your own box is a nightmare.

The other option is to resell your service providers hosting packages - 
this saves you a lot of tech headache, but I personally haven't gone 
this route, as I want to keep my finances as simple as possible: instead 
of making many small invoices every month I want to make only a few big 
invoices a couple times a year. This way I can concentrate best on what 
I do best. Of course if you have a good accountant this wont be a problem.

My choice is just to ask my clients to make a contract with the service 
provider I use, and usually they do. This way most of my sites are in 
one familiar place, and as I have good communication with my service 
provider, any problems are sorted out quickly. I may loose a bit of 
monthly income, but gain peace of mind.


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