[thelist] Virtualhosts on Windows apache

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Mon Apr 26 02:35:59 CDT 2004

At 00:03 on Monday, 26 Apr 2004, PeterV wrote:

> Thanks! Apache is at C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache
> I've seen many example settings where Apache accesses files outside of
> its own root directory... I'm pretty sure that's not the problem...
> Peter

Well that's good to know. - I'll make use of that ;o)

I'm pretty sure it will be to do with spaces in the path to apache. Quite
why the default windows installation does that when it causes so many
problems I have no idea.

My Windows installation is at c:\apache2\

I just tested your hosts and httpd.conf file settings and they work fine
on my machine.


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