[thelist] problems with music into a website

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Mon Apr 26 04:28:23 CDT 2004

At 09:59 26/04/2004, Andy Budd wrote:

>whenever a site has music I have to play hunt the annoying site in my 
>browser to turn the dammed thing off. More often than not I'll close the 
>site down than actually look for the music off switch.
>  I'd be interested if anybody has any hard facts about peoples perception 
> of sites that use music.

   I've no hard facts, except an informal survey that's not much better 
than anecdote, but I can report that I have never encountered a user who 
liked having music on a site. The survey: I had to talk a manager out of 
putting a "theme tune" on a large corporate site at one point, and we took 
it as far as an informal survey of employees in the company (about 400 
people). The result? 100% opposition, when you left out the manager and his PA.

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