[thelist] Experience of MediaTemple or BlogHosts Hosting

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 08:31:32 CDT 2004

--- Andy Budd <andy at message.uk.com> wrote:
> Hi there folks.
> I'm thinking about moving my personal website to a new host and am 
> wondering if anybody has had any experience (good or bad) of either
> MediaTemple or BlogHosts?

I just moved a site to MediaTemple a couple months ago. For the most
part I am impressed. They have a nice control panel, they set me up
quick, they did everything I asked right away. I've had a couple
questions and tech support is pretty responsive. I'd give them an 8
out of 10. They have some nice available features too, like Darwin
Streaming Server, even if it is an older version.

MT seems to be fairly popular, I tend to see it mentioned quite a bit
on a lot of design related sites. Don't know anything about



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