[thelist] Site check and IE6/Firefox CSS strangeness...

James evolt at reather.net
Mon Apr 26 10:32:13 CDT 2004

As part of the tast of revamping a horrid tables-and-frames site, I've done
a template page which is here:

It's been made clear to everyone involved that they can't expect the site to
look absolutely identical on every browser, and so instead we need to make
it  *readable* on every browser, even if it renders slightly
differently/oddly.... so the new pages use <ul>, <li>s and CSS for the
navigation, and <div>s and CSS for the layout.  It's also supposed to be
search-engine friendly.  I'd be grateful for any comments/suggestions on
usability / layout / how it renders on a Mac [and so on...]


I've be grateful if anyone can explain why IE6 and Firefox render this page
quite so differently ;-)

The mouseover highlight on the nav bar doesn't work in IE6, it's fine in
Firefox.  The menu item spacing appears broken in IE6, but is fine in
Firefox.   "What's going on??"

TIA for any help / suggestions,


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