[thelist] Searching for a host with lots of bandwidth

Jonathan j at firebright.com
Mon Apr 26 18:05:10 CDT 2004

Ronn -

FireBright (which I am one of the owners of) can help you cheaper than most,
with higher quality bandwith than most.  Do you have a budget for what you
want to spend?  We can hook you up with a root access virtual server and
that much pipe no problem on our Dell 2650 servers...  we have a few clients
who use a lot of bandwidth already.

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> I am currently trying to find a good host to move my site to. I'm looking
> for something that can keep up with the bandwidth usage that has shut down
> our first host (we exceeded bandwidth in 3 days). We went thru 21 gigs of
> bandwidth in our first weekend live, and then more than 19 gigs bandwidth
> that following week. People are downloading our 9 meg movie and it got
> pretty popular pretty fast.
> I can find a lot of hosts that give out TONS of bandwidth for mega-cheap,
> but they all seem like scams. I was hoping someone could recommend a site
> that offered 300-500 gigs of bandwidth a month for a decent price.
> Secondly, does anyone have any figures that they could share from Google
> AdSense, money per click or monthly averages? Whatever host we go with,
> fact remains that we are three students trying to pay for this thing. I
> understand that that kind of figure is private, so share at your will.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ronn LeFeuvre
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