[thelist] Are there any freelance sysadmins on this list?

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Mon Apr 26 19:06:55 CDT 2004

Quoth "Dan Romanchik" <dan at danromanchik.com>
> What I'd like to find is a freelance system administrator. That is, someone
> I could contract with to administer a dedicated server for me. I really
> don't want to be bothered with updating software packages and server
> security, but I would love to have the flexibility of my own server. Are
> there any on this list or do any of you out there know somone like this?

I'm much more an admin than a web developer, though I try to stay in touch
with the more creative side of the business so I can be a *better* admin.

My original business model was an "incubator" -- host with me, pick my brain,
then leave the nest -- but so far my chicks are happy where they are.  They're
paying what I consider a reasonable hourly rate, but it doesn't strike them
speechless because they're only paying it for a couple of hours a month.  You
build on a stable platform in a good data center so you don't have A/C or power
problems, no O/S weirdness, and no gaping security holes to bandage.  Admin
productivity goes up, admin expenses go down.

I've got several virtual sites on my own server and one customer on a dedicated
remote server which I've never touched -- and I give them offsite backups over
the net.  (I had to restore their entire /home directory once, when their inhouse
admin got a little frisky.)

My long-term goal is to get busy enough to hire the help I don't need yet.
Happy to follow up with you offlist.

Kevin Martin   <http://brasscannon.net/>

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