[thelist] x-works, anyone?

Kinjal Dixit kinjal at tendercity.com
Tue Apr 27 05:21:27 CDT 2004

specifically on x-works there seems to be nothing.  however, there is
something else called WinCGI.  There is a discussion on

It seems to allow you to run exes.  If you specifically want to use VB, you
can look at:

this may not be directly useful for you but i hope it helps

----- Original Message ----- >
does anyone have (or know where i can get hold of) a licenced copy of
> x-works? (that's the cgi module that turns any windows programming
> environment into a cgi system.)
> i've been searching the web and it seems to have disappeared...
> www.x-works.com domain is now for sale :(
> thanks in advance for any help/pointers.
> david
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