[thelist] [CSS] Full height span DIV

Adriano Castro thelist.evolt at adrianocastro.net
Tue Apr 27 10:29:37 CDT 2004

Better yet! It does work but instead of stretching "LEFT" and "RITE" to the same
height as the biggest middle DIV (in this case CENTER), thus reaching the
BOTTOM, it stretches it several pixels below what's supposed to.

Quoting Adriano Castro <thelist.evolt at adrianocastro.net>:

>     No luck! Still not working...
> Quoting js <js at 12frogs.com>:
> > First, set the body height to 100%, as in: body {height: 100%;}
> >
> > Then set the height for each div to 100%. That should do the trick.


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