[thelist] [OT?] Apple Questions

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Wed Apr 28 03:45:38 CDT 2004

Hi Burhan,

Value for money wise, I think the iBooks are much better than the 
powerbooks. There isn't much in it spec wise, but the there is a 
reasonable price difference.

On the power front, I don't think you need to worry. I use a Mac at 
work that is about half the speed of the latest iBooks, and it handles 
Photoshop etc just fine. What I would do it take the money that you're 
saving getting an iBook instead of a powerbook and max out the RAM. 
This will have much more effect on the speed of your machine than 
upping the processor speed.

Burhan Khalid wrote:

> I decided that I would get her an apple laptop as her graduation 
> present, but since I'm not very knowledgable about apple products, I 
> would like some advice.  I went to a local reseller and saw an ibook 
> (14") and a powerbook (15", I think).  Both *looked* very nice, but I 
> don't know if they have enough muscle for things like photoshop, 
> graphic editing, dvd playing, etc.

Andy Budd


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