[thelist] [OT?] Apple Questions

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Wed Apr 28 04:23:52 CDT 2004

Hi Tim,

>>Dell 1750... Red Hat ES v3.1 

> Hang on! Normally the Microsofties bleat about Total Cost of Ownership!
> There's something fishy going on here ;)


I think that the fish is in this Microsoftie recommending Linux... maybe 
he is not a Microsoftie at all, or maybe a double agent,,,

> I could point to a comparative review of an XServe vs an Intel server where the
> XServe came out cheaper, if I could find it :D
> "Xserve RAID boxes to 3U ...

Yes, but this is Xserve RAID, not Xserve, which Burhan was asking about...

I think that Macities should admit that the ultra-sexiness does not come 
for free, but you have to pay more than you would for an ugly and clumsy 
(but powerful) PC (which can run other OSs too than just Windows...)


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