[thelist] Replacement for Dreamweaver

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Wed Apr 28 11:47:23 CDT 2004

I waq qibncerely believing that it was dreamweaver doing that.
But now it makes sense : it's flash doing that (*.asi means Action
Script something)
so I should really look into flash edit preferences.

cheers and sorry for the disturbing.

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What version of Dreamweaver?  I've searched my entire hard drive, my
entire dev/test server and haven't found the files you're referring to,
so it leads me to also ask what technologies are in play?

I use DWMX 2004 daily and have used DWMX and UltraDev pretty exclusively
before on these machines and with the projects that are on these
machines and I cannot find the files you're referring to in any of my


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> I have searched in Dreamweaver but I can't find in
> edit/preferences how
> to disable the annoying creations of many files nammed like that
> mx.transitions.Transition.asi, mx.blabla whenever I edit a page in a
> folder where those files are not present.
> Do you know where one can disable this feature ?
> Cheers,

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