[thelist] Replacement for Dreamweaver

Tony Page zamba at zamba.com
Wed Apr 28 21:05:04 CDT 2004

"It has the side by side view you are talking about, and
filtering and tweaking timezone offsets etc. to ensure you
are uploading 
the right files. It will synch deep directory structures."

I've just upgraded to DWMX 2004 and I have a side-by-side
view in it just as I've had in all the previous versions, so
I'm a bit puzzled. I can also multi-select and upload as
well, as before. Plus the very useful synchronization
feature. Am I missing something? Maybe you didn't expand the
file panel (new in 2004)?

Actually, DW's FTP has always seemed a bit flakey to me, but
it is now supposed to be better. I'm on a PC and use WS-Ftp
for quick uploads and file permission changing etc. It's
especially useful when you don't want to open up DW (big
site caches take so long, even with dual xenons!). It also
has a syncronization feature and more, but I haven't
explored all of it as I tend to use DW for that.

BTW, Beyond Compare 2 is a marvellously useful program for
comparing files and cheap at the price. I use it for
comparing membership databases to save time on monthly


Tony Page

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