[thelist] re: PHP/Apache [solved]

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Apr 28 21:55:35 CDT 2004


On my Windows XP system I do not need to either:
a) switch to "all files"
b) use quote marks
when saving from within Notepad.

I think it has something to do with whether you have choosen to "show file
extensions" or "hide file extensions" in Explorer. If you have choosen to
show file extensions, then whatever you add on the end (eg .ext) will be
used as an extension. If you are not showing file extensions, then .ext will
be used as part of the file name unless you surround it with quotes.


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: or by surrounding the filename with quote marks
: save "file.php" rather than file.php and it will use exactly what you
typed. i don't think it's a notepad / wordpad thing, it seems
: to happen with any app that uses the standard windows Save As control.
: J
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: Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:
: > Gah, my own stupid fault.
: >
: > When you create a text file from scratch in wordpad and save it
: > something you expect to be - like a php file - you need to make sure
: > it is what you think it is. Take a look at the file in windows
: > explorer and make sure you have:
: >
: > file.php
: >
: > NOT
: >
: > file.php.txt
: >
: > The latter will not work of course :)
: You can avoid this by choosing "all files" from the save dialog box.
: Same problem occurs in notepad.

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