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Thu Apr 29 07:25:04 CDT 2004

On 28-Apr-04, at 10:32 AM, Diane Soini wrote:

> Yes, but it (and also the Go menu option on Mac as well) will not let 
> me select a multitude of files in various subdirectory levels and 
> upload them all at once with a single click of a button. That is what 
> I really liked about the "sledgehammer" of Dreamweaver, and what 
> always sends me back to it. I've looked at Transmit and it does look 
> like a pretty good substitute, but it, too doesn't appear to have this 
> capability. Another nice thing about Dreamweaver is that the remote 
> files are a different color than the local ones. That really helps, 
> because I actually get left and right confused from time-to-time.

I use the mirror upload command (in Interarchy) rather than manually 
selecting files. Initially that took extra effort to rethink my 
organizing of clients files but it has paid off many times over. Now I 
do this even for small websites.

I find it is simpler by separating files into three folders: working 
files, a development site and a mirrored site. Working files are 
Photoshop psd mockups, Illustrator, Flash and whatever current files 
the client has sent me. The development site is what I had before: all 
the final website files are in there, but so is a lot of "other stuff" 
ie design experiments, unfinished scripts, different versions of pages 
etc. The mirrored site is exactly (and only) what is online.

Rather than trying to remember which files are to be uploaded, it's 
great to click a button and go get a coffee.

robert mcgonegal

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