[thelist] holy smokes! nav disappears!

Leigh.DSylva at cas.gov.on.ca Leigh.DSylva at cas.gov.on.ca
Thu Apr 29 09:08:04 CDT 2004

>> In IE6/Win when a user goes to select from the side navigation, the
>> entire nav area disappears!! The site works fine in Safari, Firefox,
>> IE5/Mac, Mozilla/Win, Firefox/Win and validates as XHTML1 trans and
>> CSS.

I looked at the site in IE6/Win XP and the nav didn't disappear. Everything
looks copasetic, however, in Firebird (I haven't moved to Firefox yet) the
grey striped background appears at the bottom of the nav area when you
scroll down. Works fine in Opera.


Leigh D'Sylva

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