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David T-G davidtg-thelist at justpickone.org
Thu Apr 29 12:40:57 CDT 2004

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Hi, all --

I have an interesting problem I haven't been able to solve.

I have a page with some checkboxes, file inputs, and select pulldowns.
Although I have had to go to JavaScript to save download space because of
the size of the selects, if you take that into account everything works
well on browsers I have seen -- except for Konqueror/Linux in one case.

The layout is basically

      <script language='javascript'>
        // define printcolors();
        // spits out looooong list of <option ...>s
      <form action='...' enctype='multipart/form-data' method='post'>
        <input type='checkbox' name='changes[bookbgimg]' value='default'>
        <input type='checkbox' name='changes[bookbgimg]' value=''>
        <input type='file' name='bookbgimg'>
        <select name='changes[bookbgimgspec]'>
          <script language='javascript'>printcolors();</script>
        // repeat above for pagebgimg, pagebgimgspec
        <input type='checkbox' name='changes[booktxtcolor]' value='default'>
        <input type='checkbox' name='changes[booktxtcolor]' value=''>
        <select name='changes[bookbgtxtcolorspec]'>
          <script language='javascript'>printcolors();</script>
        // repeat for pagetxtcolor, pagetxtcolorspec
        // and repeat a few more times for other elements
        <input type='submit'>

and those are actual field names (but note that the bookbgimg checkboxes
are different from the bookbgimgspec select, so all should be fine).

When running under Konqueror, I can successfully select and send with a
buttonclick a text color or whatnot, and I can set any of them to default
or none, and I can upload a file for a background image, but I cannot
successfully pass a background image spec (the receiving form does not
even HAVE that field in the POST array!) -- unless I remove the file
upload box, in which case I can select and the receiving script gets the

What gives?!?  My first thought was the javascript, but not only can I
select with no file box but I can select *others* when the file boxes are
there.  I am left wondering if I have miswritten the file upload box, but
I don't see anything in the spec that says so.


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