[thelist] Flash dynamic text and html

Skip McBride skip at zerosquadron.com
Thu Apr 29 12:55:21 CDT 2004

Ive tried that, but I think somethings wrong with my action script Im using
to call the html file....

Does anyone have an example of the actionScript used to call a file and make
it html? Do I have to put anything special in the text file to tell flash
that its html? Or just tags for the text!?

PLEASE HELP, this is driving me crazy!!

On 29/4/04 3.34 AM, "Adrian Gonzales" <adrian at clearspanmedia.com> wrote:

>> Is there any way to get flash to recognize html in a dynamic text
> field?
> There should be a check box on the properties panel that sets the option
> to render as HTML. That should do it. I've seen flash WYSIWYG apps so..
> I know its possible.
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