[thelist] CSS positioning question

Daniel Dulay ddulay at mac.com
Thu Apr 29 19:52:35 CDT 2004

I have encountered a CSS problem with aligned images and am wondering 
if someone could point me in the right direction. I have a div 
containing an img with align="right" and a ul with a few elements that 
make up a link menu. The link menu has the CSS properties: "width: 
15ex; margin: 2em auto 0px auto;" This margin trick is one the w3.org 
has for horizontally centering content, 

An example page may be found at 
<http://homepage.mac.com/ddulay/css_question/sample1.html> using CSS 
<http://homepage.mac.com/ddulay/css_question/sample1.css>. The samples 
validate to HTML 4.01 transitional and CSS2.

On IE6/Win and IE5.2/Mac the ul is placed to the left of the img and 
centered in the space in the div left of the img. But on Safari (1.2.1) 
and Firefox (mac 0.8) the ul is centered within the div and its text 
appears below the image. Is there a way to get the IE appearance in 
Safari or Firefox/Mozilla? Is this a bug in IE, Safari, or 
Firefox/Mozilla, or is it just a different interpretation of the 

Thanks for your help,
Daniel Dulay

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