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Skip McBride skip at zerosquadron.com
Thu Apr 29 23:50:59 CDT 2004

How would I add a scroll bar to the text field containing the html/txt
page!? Thanks so much! the last email I got worked like a charm!!


On 29/4/04 10.24 PM, "Diane Soini" <dianesoini at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Create a .txt file and set it up like this (line breaks are ok):
> &field1=<font color="#0000ff">Hello</font>
> &field2=<p>This is a paragraph with some
> <b>bold</b> text</p>
> <font color="#0000ff"><u><a href="index.html">Link</a></u></font>
> etc..
> Save it as fields.txt.
> Then put this actionscript on the first frame of the main timeline:
> _root.loadVariables("fields.txt");
> Have two text fields on the main timeline, field1 and field2, which are
> var names, not instance names. In the properties pane, select dynamic
> text, multiline, and render text as html.
> Test move and you will see it rendered as html. Remember that Flash
> only accepts limited html tags.
> Diane
> On Thursday, April 29, 2004, at 02:51 PM,
> thelist-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:
>> Subject: Re: [thelist] Flash dynamic text and html
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>> Ive tried that, but I think somethings wrong with my action script Im
>> using
>> to call the html file....
>> Does anyone have an example of the actionScript used to call a file
>> and make
>> it html? Do I have to put anything special in the text file to tell
>> flash
>> that its html? Or just tags for the text!?
>> PLEASE HELP, this is driving me crazy!!
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