[thelist] CF: CFCookie not sticking?

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Fri Apr 30 08:24:06 CDT 2004

At 13:52 30/04/2004, Sarah Sweeney wrote:
>  Otherwise, you'll have to use a
>meta-refresh or something of the sort to either refresh the page or pass
>the user along to a second page where you will be able to successfully
>test the value of the cookie. (If you decide to do this, don't use
>cflocation, as this will mean the page never gets sent to the user's
>browser, and the cookie will never get set.)

   I spent long hours banging my head on this one last year. Essentially, 
cflocation sends out new headers, immediately, without waiting for anything 
else in the script. cfcookie sends out the cookie when the headers go out - 
unless cflocation got there first, which it always does, regardless of 
where in the script it is, in which case cfcookie doesn't get to do anything.

   This is confusing like a very confusing thing when you first come across 
it, I know.


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