[thelist] ms access website solution?

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Thought I'd hear from you on that one, Ken!!

First off, I'm glad we have a resident 'softie around -- it's good to hear
someone sticking up for MS in the occasional debates that occur in this
forum. I've enjoyed your posts, and the extensive knowledge that you have
and so willingly share. 

Now, what I meant was:

1. Yes, correct - I'm talking about the back-end, i.e. Jet. My experience: a
while ago, I had a server running several ASP sites with Access (read: mdb)
backends. The mdb's were created in Access 97 using Jet 3.5. Upgrading to
the latest MDAC on my server (as was recommended) suddenly rendered the
mdb's un-writable via ODBC. This was a known "feature" of the release, but
there was no warning on the wrapper that this would happen. Grrr... I had to
find that information by searching the web afterwards. The fixes were to
upgrade the mdb's to Jet 4 which would have required me buying Access 2000,
or so I thought. Can you create a Jet 4 mdb file from scrath via ODBC? If,
so, how? In any case I would have had to have 2000 to manipulate the mdb's
afterwards (they wouldn't have been openable in Access 97). The alternative
was to roll back the upgrade... but there was no "uninstall" on the MDAC
upgrade! Eventually I managed to undo the damage, but it took a while. That
was a frustrating, and annoying experience.

2. Sounds like I boobed about limited database connections on Jet! I think I
may have confused it with my experience of PWS (Personal Web Server) and a
limited number concurrent connections on that? 


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And of course, MySQL wasn't hobbled by Microsoft as a web
db in later MDAC releases which arbitrarily limit the number of
active connections to an Access db for no good reason that
I can see, and also prevent changes to data in Access 97 db's,
also seemingly for no good reason!! To me, it seems like both
of these moves were designed to "encourage" web designers
into buying MS-SQL Server, and/or upgrade to Access 2000+.
But maybe I'm being too suspicious?

Well, I've been dubbed the list "Microsoftie" (though I'm pretty sure I
never cast aspersions on anyone else's products), so I'll have to pull you
up here.

What the f*@hjsd are you talking about?!? [1]


[1] Some things to consider. Access is just a frontend. The DB engine itself
can either be Jet (.mdb files) or MSDE (.adp files). So, Access97 -vs-
Access2000 is just a debate about frontends. You don't need Access to create
an .mdb file - you just need the Jet OLEDB Provider, or Jet ODBC Driver, so
there's no real reason you needed to upgrade. All access through the Jet
OLEDB or Jet ODBC driver is *serialised* for all users, so there's no
"limit" on connections (you still have a maximum of 256 connections to a Jet
database), but all processing is serialised - Jet OLEDB/ODBC provider/driver
does not support concurrent transactions and that didn't change between Jet
v3 and Jet v4

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