[thelist] Cold Fusion: cfhttp

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Fri Apr 30 09:01:31 CDT 2004

At 14:38 30/04/2004, Joshua Olson wrote:

> > But I'm getting only "Connection Failure" in cfhttp.filecontent. The url
> > resolves fine in a browser, and has content.
>That URL construct is, IIRC, a proprietary extension added by IE.  Behind
>the scenes, IE uses that information to negotiate security with the server.

   Hm. It works in Firefox, although that may well of course be Firefox 
being nice rather than IE not being awkward. I'll look into that, and stick 
with the username and password parameters anyway.

>I always had better luck by using MS's COM objects for connection to
>servers.  Specifically, take a look at XMLHTTP and WinHTTP.  WinHTTP is
>somewhat older and may be difficult to find.
>Here's an example showing XMLHTTP in action.  It's vbscript, but the
>concepts are all the same:

   I'll trot over that way and have a look.

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