[thelist] Re: PHP, mod_rewrite help (Dreamhost)

sbeam sbeam at syxyz.net
Fri Apr 30 12:17:15 CDT 2004

On Friday 30 April 2004 12:23 pm, Timothy J. Luoma wrote:
> oh.my.god.
> I have literally been at this for days, and that was the trick to
> getting it right?  I'm going to go kill myself.  Well, no, now that
> I've got it working, I should be around to enjoy it.

please, enjoy it, I don't need that on my conscience :)

> For the record, here's what I have (note /ethan/daily.php was renamed
> /ethan/ddoe.feeder.php)
> RewriteEngine on
> RewriteBase /ethan
> RewriteRule /daily$ ddoe.feeder.php
> RewriteRule /daily/$ ddoe.feeder.php?$1
> RewriteRule /daily/([0-9]+)$ ddoe.feeder.php?$1

fyi all three rules could be condensed to

RewriteRule /daily(/([0-9]+)?)?$ ddoe.feeder.php?$2

Glad to be of service.


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