[thelist] BitTorrent hosting

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Fri Apr 30 21:42:03 CDT 2004

PeterV wrote:

>I'm having a hard time finding clear documentation to host BitTorrent
>files. Can I host those files from my cheap FTP provider? 
You can host them from your home computer if you want to. The trick with 
bittorrents is not the hosting, but the seeding of the files. This means 
that in order to allow people to download the files, you really need 
someone to be downloading the files. Otherwise the process will not 
work. In addition, you really need a lot of people to be downloading the 
files in order to make bitTorrent worth while. If the demand for the 
torrent is really low, then you are probably better off going with ftp.

What are you looking to distribute through bitTorrent and what is the 
demand for it?


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