[thelist] ms access website solution?

Robert Teasdale robert.teasdale33 at ntlworld.com
Sat May 1 08:32:15 CDT 2004

Hi Ken,

I think I may also be experiencing this loss of database connection since
MDAC recommended upgrade.

Win32 Cabinet Self Extractor

I appear to have lost and cannot create new database connections using
Office XP Pro with FP2002.

Error Message:
Unable to connect to database from the web server using the connection
DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb)}-;DBQ=URL=_private/fpdb/supplier.mdb

The following error message comes from the database driver software.It may
appear in a 'different language' depending on how the driver is configured.

The specified procedure could not be found (ADODB.Connection)
Source ADO
Number -2147024769(0x80070107f)
Do you know what this error message means?

Best Regards

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Hi David,

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: 1. Yes, correct - I'm talking about the back-end, i.e. Jet.
: My experience: a while ago, I had a server running several
: ASP sites with Access (read: mdb) backends. The mdb's were
: created in Access 97 using Jet 3.5. Upgrading to the latest MDAC
: on my server (as was recommended) suddenly rendered the mdb's
: un-writable via ODBC. This was a known "feature" of the release,
: but there was no warning on the wrapper that this would
: happen. Grrr... I had to find that information by searching the
: web afterwards.

I have never heard of this happening, and I've supported a lot of people
using older Access .mdb files. What exactly happened? What did you find on
the web? What version of MDAC are we talking about?

: The fixes were to upgrade the mdb's to Jet 4 which would have
: required me buying Access 2000, or so I thought.

The Jet v4 OLEDB Provider and Jet v4 ODBC Driver will happily connect to v3
databases. Alternatively, you can keep using the v3.51 Jet OLEDB Provider.
There's no reason you need to "upgrade" to Access2000

If you just want to convert them to v4, you can use JRO (Jet Replication
Objects), which has a "Compact and Repair" method. When calling this, you
specify what format you want the resulting file to be (either v3, or v4).

HOWTO: Compact Microsoft Access Database Through ADO

HOW TO: Compact a Microsoft Access Database by Using Visual Basic .NET
(If you are using ASP.Net)

: Can you create a Jet 4 mdb file from scrath via ODBC? If, so, how?
: In any case I would have had to have 2000 to manipulate the mdb's
: afterwards (they wouldn't have been openable in Access 97).
: The alternative was to roll back the upgrade... but there was
: no "uninstall" on the MDAC upgrade! Eventually I managed to
: undo the damage, but it took a while. That was a frustrating,
: and annoying experience.

For starters, use OLEDB, not ODBC. ODBC is now listed as a deprecated
technology. That said, you can use ADOX (ADO Extensions) to create a new
.mdb file (Catalog.Create() method). You can then use either: ADOX to create
tables etc, or use SQL statements (e.g. CREATE TABLE).

ADOX class heirachy:

Or, you can create your databases in Access97, and then use JRO to upgrade
to Access2000.

If you want to keep your software costs down, consider registering as a
Microsoft Partner, and get the Microsoft Action Pack. You get a heap of
software (guides, tools etc) for US$299/year (not sure what the UK cost is).
I have included a list of software at the end of this email. It's also
available here, but I don't know if this is inside the "secure" partner site
or not (if it is, then I'm sure there's also an unsecured page someplace as
well, but the below is what I have bookmarked)

: 2. Sounds like I boobed about limited database connections
: on Jet! I think I may have confused it with my experience of
: PWS (Personal Web Server) and a limited number concurrent
: connections on that?

PWS supports 10 concurrent HTTP connections. This is unrelated to ODBC or
OLEDB connections from an application to the database engine. Jet v4 (and I
suspect v3) supports a theoretical maximum of 256 connections (you can look
this up on the online help). On a practical level this never happens,
because some people will be wanting to do updates, and they will lock part
of the database to perform the update, preventing others from getting a


[1] Action Pack Standard, NFD (Not for distribution software) for use in
your business for training/development/testing/etc type tasks.
      Product Title
     # of Licenses
     # of Client Access Licenses

      Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

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