[thelist] BitTorrent hosting

Allen Schaaf techwriter at sound-by-design.com
Sun May 2 11:41:29 CDT 2004

Change the hosting site for just the video feed. www.lizardhill.com has 
10gig/month for $60/year or 25gig/month for $120/year.

There may be other hosters that are cheaper with more bandwidth, but I've 
used this one and the service is excellent.

If I read your post correctly, you probably could get away with the cheaper 


At 07:46 AM 5/2/04 - PeterV wrote:

> >  What are you looking to distribute through bitTorrent and
> >  what is the
> >  demand for it?
>I'm looking into videoblogging (http://me-tv.org). In this particular
>case, I want to distribute a 20 Meg videofile (20 minute interview). I
>am not sure about its popularity, probably, say, 400 people will
>download it the first weeks and maybe 50 people a week after that. But
>even at this low distribution its going to start costing me bandwidth
>money soon, especially if I upload more interviews (say, 1 new one a
>Ideas very welcome! (also at http://me-tv.org, which is a wiki)
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