[thelist] How do you build dynamic pages?

Dan McCullough dmccullough at garnethill.com
Mon May 24 13:08:47 CDT 2004

About search engines there are other ways around it.  On Apache and I
would imagine on IIS you could have a rewrite rule what would get rid of
the arguments in the URL string
(http://www.garnethill.com/cgi-bin/gh/item.jsp?ItemID=0140 to
http://www.garnethill.com/cgi-bin/gh/item.jsp/ItemID/0140) you can also
do that server side through the URI.  

Also you could also do something along the lines of having a subsite,
where you have keyword intensive information pages (flat HTML) with
links, visable only by the search engines, and those links would
redirect anyone clicking in from a search engine to the correct page.
Spiders come into the index page, and see a list of links and meta tags
and whatever keyword specific content on that page, while any browser
would see a javascript redirect and would be taken to the correct page.

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--- Marcus Andersson <marcus at bristav.se> wrote:
> If I had the possibility to choose I would do the following (more or 
> less):

Whew, thanks for the comprehensive answer, as always Marcus. I'll poke
around the references you gave me. Couple quick questions:

> ...(but I can understand if static stuff (such as images) isn't served

> up by Weblogic since it costs a lot of $$$).

Yeah, our images are served up via IIS instead. Why is this a $$ issue?

> Another thing, on Weblogic, is that it's extremely expensive if you're

> only using it as a Servlet container. If you are, I would strongly 
> recommend to use a "pure" servlet container. Jetty and Tomcat are free

> ones and Resin is another ...

Unfortunately Weblogic is apparently the app server of choice here. I
doubt they'd ever go the route of open source app servers. Let's just
say it's the typical corporate IT scenario here and leave it at that. We
have X amount of licenses for Weblogic and it's not a price issue at
all, trust me. I think their concerns are security and what can be done.

I don't pretend to understand all this - but I'm trying. It just drove
me nuts on our last project that we couldn't make simple changes that
would benefit a site in the search engines (like have www.mydomain.com
instead of www.mydomain.com/homepage.jsp for
example) because of some of these issues.



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