[thelist] Cold Fusion

Richard Morris thelist at web-designers.co.uk
Tue May 25 12:15:16 CDT 2004

Yeah, but that only lists platforms and operating systems, not what needs to
be installed on the web server - which might be remote or shared hosting.

I asked the same question myself of Macromedia and here's their
oh-so-helpful reply after I filled in a request for pre-sales technical
support on their web site yesterday:


Thank you for contacting Macromedia Customer Service.

We appreciate your interest in our products. Although we are not technically
trained with the specific use of our products, I would like to recommend
that you check our site for product features. You may also call Macromedia
Sales at (800) 457-1774 so they can qualify your inquiry and transfer you to
our presales team. 

Presales question will be a free (but short) call with the Product Support
Engineer. The Product Support Engineer can help you with an answer as to if
the product can do X function but cannot go into the details of "how-to" use
the product. That type of conversation would fall under a standard credit
card incident.  

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Name Removed To Protect the Guilty
Macromedia Customer Service" 

So they want me to make an International call rate phone call to give me
what should be a simple and straightforward answer.

Doesn't fill me with any confidence...


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> Not exactly, but effectively true.
> You do need a supported ISAPI webserver.  There's the 
> official supported
> list here:
> http://www.macromedia.com/software/coldfusion/productinfo/syst
> emreqs/cfmx61.pdf
> But I can tell you it will run on the unlisted Visnetic 
> Website  (The Web
> Server Formerly Known As O'Reilly Website).
> And of course CFMX has it's own web server.

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