[thelist] DB Update via web

Clayton Smith clayton at geni-us.com
Tue May 25 14:29:41 CDT 2004

I skimmed through the article to find the source..
By viewing the article in print mode:
You can see the full body of the article then copy and paste the source 
that is shown on the page...
The source code is just laid out in the article and doesn't appear to be 
a downloadable file.


Clive R Sweeney wrote:

>In an earlier post I saw that Clayton Smith recommended an article on
>DevShed, "Building A Quick-And-Dirty PHP/MySQL Publishing System":
>and it looked like it would really help me sort out using PHP and MySQL.
>Funny thing is, on the 3rd page of the article, the author says, "Before
>reading further, you should download the source code for this case
>study, so that you can refer to it throughout this article". Then I
>looked and looked for anything that might be a link to download the
>source code. (Actually I would have made the words "download the source
>code" a link to the download. But that's just me.)
>Has anyone else checked out this article and been able to find the
>source code? If so, please let me know where it is. I suppose it'll be
>one of those head-slappers -- when someone points it out, I won't
>believe I couldn't see it. But I've really been searching and no luck so
>Clive R Sweeney
>Durham, North Carolina

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