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Seth Bienek evolt.list at sethbienek.com
Tue May 25 15:42:49 CDT 2004

"w00t!" - hopefully.

Like any other technology, bad things can happen - if it's a shared
hosting package, some functionality (like access to the server's
registry) may be disabled for security reasons.

If your code connects to a database, then obviously the hosting server
would need access to the data..

As far as static pages are concerned, they will work exactly as they
always have.  ColdFusion doesn't even process files that don't end in
one of a few specialized extensions (.cfm, .cfc, .cfml) by default.  So
any HTML/flash/jpeg files your current site uses will be served directly
by the web server without CF even being involved.

Is this answering your question?  Lemme know if you need more answers,
or if I'm way off track here.

Take Care,

"w00t! happens"

> -----Original Message-----
> To an extent: my point is this - whilst CF may install just 
> fine on the local box, what happens when the user uploads the 
> shiny (old) web site to the remote web server, especially 
> where it's a shared hosting package?
> Bye, bye functionality? Or w00t! It works?
> By the sounds of it, the former.

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