[thelist] Problem with IFRAME in Mozilla

Jake Aust mail_lists at jakesdiner.com
Thu May 27 16:59:56 CDT 2004


Can anyone tell me what is going on here?


The large images, the text below them and the "more" buttons are all part of
a long horizontal page that gets loaded into an IFRAME on the main page. The
Keywords are <a> links that, for some reason, don't work reliably in Mozilla
1.4/Windows. On the ones that have 3 or more keywords, the 3rd keyword works
after a certain point (as in...if you move your mouse far enough to the
right). It's as if a clear gif is covering the rest of the keyword list. It
works fine in IE. Can anyone tell me if it works on Mozilla Mac? Opera?

Thanks in advance...

Jake Aust

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