[thelist] semantic markup

Drew Gilmore drewbert at JoiMail.com
Mon May 31 19:04:57 CDT 2004

Guess I might be a little late to the conversation, but I won't let 
that stop me :)

Thing is, it's not just list elements. I often write educational 
materials for work, and as is often the standard in print, I'll use 
bold to indicate the first appearance of a new vocabulary word. I know 
that <b> is discouraged, but I've never been quite sure whether <em> or 
<strong> would be more appropriate semantically. There are other times 
I've been unsure exactly which <Hn> to use for a particular side bar's 

I'm sure if I thought enough I could come up with other examples... but 
often I just wish someone with both a good solid understanding of CSS 
*and* an English major or other strong writing background would put 
together "The Elements of Style... Sheets" as a guide to proper 
semantic markup.

Just a thought.

Drew Gilmore
Sudekum Planetarium
Just a guy made of dots and lines.

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