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Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 4 15:05:44 CDT 2004

--- Rob Smith <rob.smith at THERMON.com> wrote:
> Looks Great! I did a search and have three questions. What's up
> with the '1.' next the number of results return? To me, it serves
> purpose.

Yes, good catch. That page is returned by the search engine software
I guess, and they are using an OL for some reason. I'll have to see
if I can get my hands on it, I don't like the way that page looks

> Secondly, what does the file extension .dsp stand for?

For 'dispatcher'. They pages are built dynamically based on the URL
provided. So if you hit the URL for contact, it pulls one of a
handful of templates, looks at the URL name and based on that name
does a lookup in the DB and pulls the content pieces for that page.
So it might pull contactContent.html, contactHeader.html, etc. 

So for all of the tip pages for example, there is only one template
and bunches of content files. They are built when the page is called.
That allows us to update content without having a code change, as
well as other obvious benefits.

> Everyone that was photographed for the site, did you get writen
> permission to use their mug on the site? or are they standard stock
> photography?

Most of it is purchased royalty-free stock photos. Some of it is
licensed photos as well. There are a couple photos that are the
property of TruGreen as well.


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