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Sat Jun 5 03:01:49 CDT 2004

yes u are misunderstanding what im saying .

i know how to link to an external jS file ;)

what im asking is there a way to change the out putted values

<option value="thistochange"></option>

What gets outputted would be whats in the value. With me so far?

ok good-

Now what im trying to do, is find  a way to change those values( that 
already are outputted using JS ) using Javascript/DOM.

Whether or not it's in a linked file is not  case; im just trying to prove a 
theory correct ( so i can make it practical ).

The reason being is because i have hundreds of outputted values  that change 
nearly everyday, im trying to save the trouble of going into my document and 
updating the values.

Also, because they are ' rates ' ( think calling rates ) im adding an 
exchange rate caculator to that file  so whatever values i update ( over 15 
pages using the same rates ) will change accordingly to the Exchange rate.

So far i havent seen an example of this done anywhere; so if you have 
positive ffedback leave it, if you have an idea on how to get it to work 
please reply.

Kind Regards


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>I could be misunderstanding what you are asking, but it sounds like
>you have Javascript outputting the options, and you just need to move
>that into a different file.
>Basically, move your Javascript to a new file called options.js and
>then link to it like this:
><script type="text/javascript" src="options.js"></script>
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