[thelist] Could you advice a CMS system?

evolt @ evoltlist at dropcase.com
Mon Jun 7 08:05:24 CDT 2004

Andrew Raymond wrote:

>Hi everyone, could you please post your top 5 CMS systems that are easy
>to use and work well with PHP and MySQL ? Preferably freeware ones. I've
>looked at ezPub, Typo3, and a few others, but still can't make up my
>mind. Would really appreciate it, thanks!
i've been looking around too, and i have a few (not recently updated) on 
my site at http://www.dropcase.com/blogs - most of which use or can use 
i've also had some luck with plone (http://www.plone.org), which isn't 
PHP / MySQL, but a great CMS nonetheless. hope that helps.

[ dave lawson ]
[ http://www.dropcase.com ]

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